is a cosmetic and skin care company currently focusing on the E-commerce platform. It is the manufacturer of the APRIL 22 line of cosmetic products, a brand which is locally registered in Malaysia and specially caters to the Malaysian demography. APRIL TWENTY TWO SDN BHD aims to produce local cosmetic products that are on par with international cosmetic brands and are capable of competing with them in the local Malaysian market under its brand.

Why Customers Love Us

The APRIL 22 brand is not only the brainchild of Malaysian entrepreneurs; unlike products from famous international brands, APRIL 22 cosmetic products are specially tailored by Malaysians for Malaysian skin and complexion while being more affordable. In addition, APRIL 22 products often come with 5-in-1 functions to reduce hassle and offer users the benefit of having everything with just a single product. These give customers the peace of mind that they would always be getting the best out of the money they spend when they buy APRIL22 products.

Our Philosophy and Quality Assurance

APRIL 22 strives to offer more than just good products and services. In addition to products that are specialized to accommodate the local Malaysian demography, APRIL 22 had invested much on research and development as well as in building customer trust. APRIL 22 products have been registered under the Malaysian BPFK (National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau) and lab tested with every production batch to ensure product safety.

Dreams and Visions

APRIL 22 aspires to expand into retail sales and compete with rivaling international brands by opening physical stores in the future. The company strives to promote APRIL 22 products to the Malaysian demography, with a strong belief that the people will benefit from local cosmetic products more than relying upon famous brands that do not specialize on meeting the needs of Malaysian/Asian skincare.

Contact Us

Email: admin@april22.com.my

Wechat ID: april22_official

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday - 9am to 2pm

Sunday - Closed