Founded in year 2016, April 22 is well-known for its skin care products’ development, production, manufacturing and sales, integrating into an excellent mirco-business in Malaysia.

April 22 began its journey by conducting its independent research, development and innovation of its products, and even a patent has been filed on the technologies utilized on these products. As at this stage, April 22 has brought out to the market skin care products known as Rose Energy Cream (霜), Skin Energy Revitalizing Mask (膜), Skin Energy Toning Lotion (水), Skin Energy Repairing Essence (密), Skin Energy Activator (液) Skin Energy Purifying Cleanser (净), and some other products. From the stages of research and development to packaging, April 22’s products have undergone full quality control to ensure product quality and safety, capable of replacing other expensive skin care products in the market. April 22 is said to have contributed the knowledge of mirco-commercialization, digitalization, convenience and useful information to the micro-businesses in Malaysia.

The skin care products led by April 22 have officially passed the GMP and ISO22716:2007 international standards. Each product will therefore be registered with BPFK of the Malaysian Ministry of Health and Food Industry, creating an internationally competitive standard for the industry.

April 22 is not only a successful product by itself, but also an ambassador for high quality, high return, low cost and quality skin care products, satisfying every agents and customers, creating a company that puts the needs of its customers above all others. Every skin care product has its own unique advantages. April 22 services its customers with heart, demonstrating a company that able to leads the market for skin care products.

Constant innovation, integrity and development, leading the agent to carry out reasonable low-cost but high-return development, to achieve the most ideal satisfaction, to provide most valuable solutions, to provide practical implementation methods. To manage in good faith, archiving win-win situation as always, to provide the highest quality products for the most satisfactory service and experience.

Beautiful: Your beauty is distinguished. April 22 will give you the most natural beauty, let you release a beautiful and pleasing atmosphere from the inside out, bringing you confidence and beautiful aura.

You: You are our best friend, April 22 will be your eternal beauty and confident image ambassador, and will be your most trusted partner.

Natural: We choose the most natural ingredients, getting you closer to the nature to solve your skin problems, helping you to improve your skin in the most natural way.

Listening to the detail and desire of customers, guiding and surpassing the needs and requirements of a merchant with technology and quality service, becoming a reputable micro-business.

Through continuous innovation and development, we are committed to developing an agency interaction system and become an outstanding micro-business.