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Congratulations in choosing APRIL 22 and successfully become part of our family. We are different from the general micro-commercial products on the market. Not everyone can sell, and it could not be simply sold. We are a systematic company, and the products’ price is strictly controlled nationwide.

It is not only words, but actions. Customers are the core and agents’ perspectives are the starting point. All of our products have its own code number. Such system can also allow you to share and sell with a peace of mind, so that you can build more business through that.


01.Always facing the problem that new product has launched but you still have bunch of stocks which could not sold out? It is not a problem, we can help you in this!

Clear Guidelines

03.Wish to join the micro-business, but not sure how it starts? It doesn’t matter, find us!

Perfect Product

05.A self-talking, self-promotion, self-selling products

Unified Pricing

02.The market is chaotic, competitor always offer a lower price than you? It doesn’t matter, find us!

Complementary E-Book

04.We wrote a book named <How to Create Newsfeed for Newcomers>, and it is complimentary for the agents!

Take Customer As Priority

06.We take the customer as the core and put ourselves in agent’s shoe as the starting point.

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